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Do these four nominations make me look too SAGGY?

by Jeremy Hooper

    Another day, another set of award nominations for Brokeback Mountain, this time courtesy of the Screen Actors Guild (SAG). The thespian union has honored the flick with four nods, including ones for Heath Ledger, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Michelle Williams, as well as another for the entire cast.

Oh sh*t -- we have to step out for a second, so we'll have to let our new intern, Not As Good As Anyone, finish this entry. Hit it, Not As Good:

Wouldn't if be just too funny if Bob Saget won a SAG Award? They'd be all like, "and the SAG goes to Bob Saget," and everyone would be like, "yea we know the award is a 'SAG, it,' but what's the surname of the Bob who won?" The whole show would be thrown in disarray all because the "Full House" actor's name sounds like the name of the union. It wouldn't be until they saw the "America's Funniest Home Videos" host make his way to the podium that they'd have a fun moment of realization, as they'd only then see that they'd acted like a rube. Everyone would look at the person sitting next to them and share a good-natured chuckle. At the post-show galas, attendees would ask one another, "How confused were you when they announced Bob Saget's name?" and then they'd once again double-over in riotous remembrance of this amusing situation. Wouldn't that be like the funniest thing ever? We'd chortle so hard at this well-dressed confusion, we probably wouldn't stop talking about if for months, maybe years. SAG..Saget. LOL indeed.

And we're back -- did we miss anything? Eh, no time right now; we'll have to read what Not As Good wrote later. For now we'd like to advise you to grab your best SAG-hag and catch the Screen's Actors Guild Awards on January 29, when they'll air on both TNT and TBS cable networks.

Hey, did anyone ever stop and think that SAG is also the first part of Bob Saget's name?


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