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GLAAD loses bit of glee over Shalit's 'Brokeback' attack

by Jeremy Hooper

    Regarding his labeling of Jake Gyllenhaal's Jack as a "sexual predator" and overall tone of his Brokeback Mountain review, our more respectable, less profanity-laced, well-financed cousins at GLAAD have issued a "Take Action" alert, in which they ask those concerned to write or call the "Today" show and ask that both the program and Shalit apologize for his "Critics Corner"-based remarks.

Not to be outdone, we're requesting an apology from "Today" producers regarding a recent cooking segment in which all of the hosts labeled the polenta that was being made as "good," when in actuality the dish, when concocted in our own home, was "kinda shitty." But we're, of course, just being glib.

It remains to be seen whether the show will (or should) comply and offer a televised expression of regret for Shalit's comments, though if it is to happen, we predict it will sound something like this:

(adopt your best Shalit impression)

It seems the 'back' was not the only thing 'Broke' in my criticism of the cowboy film -- a 'Mountain' of feelings also got hurt.
My 'Brokeback' review -- more like a BrokeBrain bout of verbal diarrhea.
That's the Critic's Apology Corner -- I'm sorry.

As of now, Leonard Maltin and Roger Ebert remain out of GLAAD's radar, though stay tuned.

Gene Shalit Offers Defamatory Brokeback Review on NBC's 'Today' [GLAAD Release]
***UPDATE: In 1997, Mr. Shalit wrote a touching piece for The Advocate about his gay son, expressing a sentiment that seems to not at all jibe with homophobia. This is encouraging.
**UPDATE2: Peter Shalit, Gene's gay son, defends his pop.

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