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In which yet another teen is made to feel disordered

by Jeremy Hooper

***As dragging this family into public light is not our intent or desire, we have redacted all personal info from the following. However, it would be disingenuous of us to simply ignore this situation onto which we've stumbled, and since the father felt it acceptable to post a link to his son's blog in a very popular "pro-family" forum, we are going to go ahead with this post.

From the chat forum of a popular "pro-family" group:


From the blog to which the father linked:


Nothing funny to say, no silly comments to make; this type of thing simply breaks our heart.

We encourage you to stand strong, young friend. You may be gay or you may, in fact, be straight. Either way, you are definitely not wrong for following your truth.

**For families needing help with such issues, we'd like to kindly suggest:

Picture 6-20

**UPDATE: We have been contacted by the aforementioned young man, who says he will email us an update on his situation tomorrow. He did not make it seem as if this situation is extremely severe , so let's wait and see what he has to say.

*UPDATE2: Or not.

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