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Just GLAAD to be nominated: Media Awards contenders unveiled

by Jeremy Hooper

   The gay and gay-friendly entertainment and media community are all abuzz with excitement on this late January date, as that magical time of year known as GLAAD Media Awards nominations day has finally arrived. And though our efforts for most effective incorporation of the words "poopy head" and "same-sex marriage lesgislation" into a single article might have gone unrecognized this year, many worthy folks did get the nod. Among the more high profile nominees for this, the 17th year of the awards:

- Brokeback Mountain will compete with Capote, The Family Stone, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, and Rent in the category of "Outstanding Film - Wide Release"

- The "Outstanding Drama Series" contenders are "Commander in Chief," "The L Word," "South of Nowhere," and the recently departed "Queer as Folk" and "Six Feet Under"

- CBS's "Out of Practice," BBC America's "Shameless," and NBC's "Will & Grace" will vie for "Outstanding Comedy Series" honors

- The San Francisco Chronicle, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, USA Today, The Washington Post, and Wisconsin State-Journal received nods in the "Outstanding Newspaper Overall Coverage" category

- In the "Outstanding Music Artist" section, Antony and the Johnsons' I Am a Bird Now, Melissa Etheridge's Greatest Hits: The Road Less Traveled, Girlyman's Little Star, Sharon Isbin's Rodrigo,Villa-Lobos,Ponce: Guitar Concertos, and Amy Ray's Prom were all recognized

Sadly, "The 700 Club", Agape Press, "Straight Talk Radio," Bill O' Reilly, WorldNetDaily, Ann Coulter, and Westboro's Baptist's rendition of "fag-hating" Christmas songs were once again overlooked. Better luck next year, misguided folks.

For those itchin' to see if the diversity-encouraring sentiment of their favorite whosawhatsit earned them a coveted nod, a complete list of nominees and more info can be found at the link below. Enjoy, my dearies.

17th Annual GLAAD Media Awards [GLAAD]

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