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Rosie, Logo unveil sketchy plans

by Jeremy Hooper

   It was announced Monday that the Logo network has tapped Rosie O'Donnell to develop a sketch comedy series for the fledgling gay channel. According to the AP, the show, titled "Simply Sketch," will "feature a cast of up-and-comers" and "will be filmed in front of a studio audience with taped segments of musical numbers as well as commercial and movie parodies incorporating political satire."

To which we say: Gay humor and political satire; who the hell came up with that hair-brained scheme? You can't make fun of this stuff -- it's too weighty and serious. Never gonna work. You'll find yourself just making some hackneyed punch line like "Gays sure do shop a lot," just so that you can move on. This queer stuff just doesn't work in the comedic form. Trust us on this one.

Ro's show is set to premiere later this year, so be sure to look for it sandwiched handily between a comedy special in which Mario Cantone screams a lot and that sad AIDS movie -- no not that one, the other one -- sometime in the near future.

It remains to be seen if the sketchy show will be able to capture an audience. But we..umm..well...gays sure do shop a lot!

Gay channel, Rosie O'Donnell sketch series plans [AP via Yahoo! News]

***To avoid receiving anymore "what about Margaret Cho?" type of emails and comments, I want to explain this entry's second paragraph. Have those of you who've written such statements actually read any of our other entries? "Queer stuff in the comedic form" is WHAT WE DO; of course we know (or at least hope) it can work! We were just being silly and echoing some of the sentiments WE HEARD when we decided to start this whole "irreverent about gay issues" thing. It obviously didn't fully come across, thus the reason why you're reading this now. So yea, that's the deal.

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