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WBC warns black America about pink America

by Jeremy Hooper

From the "fag-hating" folks at Westboro Baptist:

Picture 7-1

Though in our doctor (the queen)'s dreams -- 'fags' a'plenty!

No word if black America, gay America, or the totality of not-batsh*t-insane America should be the most offended by Westboro's warning, though those who fall in all three categories are said to be livid. Stay tuned for future Westboro minority community-centric diatribes, when we hear that they'll warn Chinese Americans about the fags' fondness for Asian decor, Mexican Americans about carb-conscious queers' utilization of tortillas for their nelly little wrap sandwiches, and Jewish Americans about...well, we think they'll just start with the whole "Jesus thing" there.

No Fags in King's Dream [Westboro PDF, uploaded to our own server]

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