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Westboro continues to thank God for mine tragedy; God continues to screen His calls

by Jeremy Hooper

Following up on their initial mine tragedy-based deity thanking, the "fag-hating" folks at Westboro Baptist have today released a new missive expressing gratitude to "the man upstairs" for the tragic deaths of the twelve West Virginia miners. Announcing that they will picket the victims' funerals, the WBC nuts say:

Picture 2-77

Shows what they know -- we've never even read "The Da Vinci Code," and we don't worship ON Brokeback Mountain, but rather IN the theater that's playing the flick. Gah, they never check their facts, these Phelps folks.

We're still debating whether Westboro's thanking God for the Indiana tornado, their gratitude for Iraq's "bloodiest month," their celebratory nature regarding the number of soldiers who've been killed in the war, their praising of the London subway bombings, or this latest West Virginia-based hate expression is the more f*cked up misuse of religion, though we'll be sure to keep you updated as we continue to weigh all of the insane nuances.

[If you want to find the whole of this "new release," it's available at GodHatesFags.com]

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