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ACLU still fighting for Georgia GSA; chess club remains undebated

by Jeremy Hooper

The ACLU has filed a lawsuit against Cleveland, Georgia's White County High School, claiming that the school has unfairly blocked a much-debated gay-straight alliance club from meeting on campus. The rights fighters say that despite a ban on all non-curricular clubs (issued last year as a result of the G-SA controversy), the school is still allowing non-academic groups like the "Shooting Club" to meet on school property, while the PRIDE group is forced to meet in other locations.

Once again affirming our theory that firearms are less frightening to many folks than are the arms of two boys in an embrace. While we're sure the "Shooting Club" teaches responsible gun safety, if folks who routinely blast verbal bullets in the gays' general direction realized that accepting these teens could prevent them from feeling they must live stigmatized lives, they could the prevent injuries that sometimes plague marginalized 'mosexuals' lives. These kids' well-being is in jeopardy every time they're told they're lesser than, which in turn makes them more likely to seek solace in oftentimes dangerous situations. As one who knows firsthand what it can feel like to grow up gay (albeit closeted) in the rural South, this scribe can tell you that this sort of non-acceptance can cause a mental funk greater than most could ever realize.

It's time that schools like White County High cut the bullsh*t and stop letting their lack of understanding for these kids' lives discriminate against their right to lead them. Personally, the idea that one could shoot a bunny and feel no remorse is a concept which my mind can't begin to grasp. But I, and apparently White County High, still want said rabbit hunters protected from harm. By not putting the same stake in the safety of their LGBT students, the administrators of WCHS will bear a bit of the responsibility if any of these teens should head to college with a "Finally, I'm free, but where do I go to feel accepted? Oh, those kids look cool. What, meth? Sure, I'll try it, why not?" mentality.

Roll your eyes and call me fear-mongering if you wish, but the blame for a large portion of the problems that exist in the gay community lies with folks who are never forced to take responsibility. So, school administrators and politicians: you keep denying these clubs and we'll keep pointing the finger. After all, we're sick of seeing really good kids go off and shoot themselves in the foot.

ACLU Files Federal Lawsuit Against White County, Georgia School District for Illegally Blocking Gay-Straight Alliance Club [ACLU Press Release]

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