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Arch rivals: 'ex-gays' to be countered in St. Louis

by Jeremy Hooper

Working under the moniker Love Needs No Cure, a coalition of St. Louis area "religious, health care and civil rights groups who support gay rights" have announced that they'll counter this weekend's Love Won Out conference with a peaceful vigil across the street from the "ex-gay" shindig.

Not to be outdone in the quest to correct untruths that should be obvious to anyone over the age of five, we plan to watch an episode of "Sesame Street" with our nephew this weekend, and when he asks us, "Uncles, is Big Bird real?" we plan to tell him, "Nope, he's make believe." Only difference in our obvious statement from that of our friends at Love Needs No Cure -- our little buddy will likely say, "Yea, I know -- what do you think I am, a big dummy head?" while their little extremists will probably just pray a lot and continue their charade. Unfortunately, while the tyke's reaction merely elicits a "Hey, we don't use the word dummy head around here" response from us, the dogmatics' rhetoric brings about shame and harm in many and plenty.

If you're in the St. Louis area and would like to help convey the obvious to folks who should know better, details on the vigil can be found below. If you're in the NYC area and would like to watch "Sesame Street" with us, then we'd have to say no. No offense, but we've been hanging out way too much and you're really starting to get on our nerves.

Love Needs No Cure [Gay St. Louis]

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