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But Mel, why do so many gay men enjoy Judy Garland?

by Jeremy Hooper

At this weekend's so-called "Love Won Out" conference in St. Louis, professional "ex-gay" Melissa Fryrear reportedly asked the audience, "Ever wonder why some lesbians look mannish?" She then answered her own question by saying "It's a vulnerability to be a woman. That suit of armor to keep you from being hurt."

A question and response to which we reply...

Melissa Fryrear

..."Wow, they're doing AMAZING things with armor these days. It looks just like brown cotton!"

Because ya see, it would seem to us that even though Mel has "left" the queer party for more conservative bashes, her genetic makeup is still applied liberally. It's nice to know that when she's ready to return the soiree of gay truth, she won't need an artist, cosmetic or con, to paint her identity as something other than what it seems to already be.

We're not being mean, as we think she looks great the way she is! We're simply saying that folks who live in glass physicalities shouldn't throw "dyke" stereotypes.

**For a nice first person account of the St. Louis protest, head on over to Pam's House Blend; for photos and even more info, go to ExGay Watch

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