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Not wanting to come in church, pianist uses pull out method

by Jeremy Hooper

   A Jazz pianist from Flint, Michigan, has decided to not perform a gig at local Woodside Church, after learning that the house of worship is welcoming to gays and lesbians. Roger Jones II tells the Flint Journal that he wasn't aware of the church's queer-friendliness when he signed up for the performance, and that he had to withdraw once he learned of the acceptance. Jones says, "I don't support that lifestyle personally, and as an ordained elder, my church organization also opposes it."

No word on who the church will hire to tickle the ivories now; however, we hear the search is on for a player who won't freak if the men in their presence aren't designed to tickle the ovaries ever.

Pianist drops church gig after learning of gay agenda [Flint Journal]

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