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Peter Costello angers Aussie gays; Elvis, Abbott still in good graces

by Jeremy Hooper

  Peter Costello, a senior Australian cabinet official, has angered Aussie gays with a statement he made regarding the nation's homosexual denizens. Speaking on his opposition to same-sex marriage at a gathering of the Sydney Institute, Treasurer Costello reportedly said,

"I think we do recognize the rights of gay and lesbian people in Australia. We do not criminalize conduct or behavior."

And don't get us wrong -- we're thankful for that, really we are. However, we consider that to be much more a correction of a wrong than a right. Somehow, the idea that gays should celebrate the fact that they're not routinely apprehended on the basis of their mere existence just seems so...frightening.

No word on what other "rights" Costello measures in terms of their decriminalization, though we do hear that he often refers to himself as non-feloniously-handed.

Gay marriage comments 'appalling' [Sydney Morning Herald]

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