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Really AFA? 300,000?

by Jeremy Hooper

Here is an email that was sent to us yesterday by the American Family Association (highlighting our own):


Oh wow -- 300,000 messages have already been sent to Senators using AFA's system? That sounds impressive, right?

But ya know, we can't help but wonder just how many of those letters of "support" look just like the following, a letter that WE sent through the AFA's system after altering their fully editable form letter:


After all, judging by the following auto-reply that we received in return, it would seem that despite our clear call for our Senators to "please support marriage equality," the AFA just went ahead and counted us as if we were in the "protect marriage" camp:

Picture 11-14

Meaning that AT LEAST 1 of those "300,000" are, in fact, NOT in support of the "Marriage Protection Amendment." After we sent our letter, we were warned by a friend that this is EXACTLY the tactic the AFA uses and were told to NOT encourage others to do the same. However, we've seen many calls from others on the Internet asking their readers to try and buck AFA's system by doing exactly what we did. So how many in our camp also thought they'd be clever, thus driving up AFA's number?

Ya know AFA, rather than tout the quantity of folks who are taking advantage of your handy Senate-reaching system, perhaps you should see exactly how many of them contain a little bit of quality. Of course, 200,000 sent by our "pro-family" friends and 100,000 sent by our "pro-equality" opposition (just a rough estimate) doesn't sound as nice to your followers. However, we're sure (or at least hope) that most people would want the full, true story.

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