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The 'blood' can be on your hands, just not ours

by Jeremy Hooper

So two weeks ago, Matt Foreman of the National Gay and Lesbian Taskforce issued an emotional statement regarding the tragic attack on a Massachusetts gay bar. In said statement, Foreman made the assertion, "We have witnessed seven years of vicious anti-LGBT organizing in Massachusetts — and endured the hate-filled rantings of Brian Camenker of the Article 8 Alliance and Parents Rights Coalition and Ed Pawlick of MassNews. The blood spilled this morning is on their hands."

Now, those on the anti-gay team DID NOT like this one bit. Article 8/MAssRestance's Camenker responded to the charge by saying, "It's now becoming clear that homosexual activist groups intend to use this incident as a springboard for a vicious and cowardly series of attacks on anyone who publicly criticizes the homosexual movement – similar to what happened after the Matthew Shepard incident." They were just appalled that Foreman would make such a "harsh" statement regarding what he sees as the repercussions of his oppositions' efforts. In fact, the folks at Article 8/MassResistance even had our buddy Robert Knight on their radio show to discuss the "lack of audacity" Mr. Foreman displayed in suggesting that the "blood" of an anti-gay hate crime might be "on the hands" of those who dedicate their lives to stigmatizing homosexuals:


So they've made themselves clear -- the whole "blood is on hands" idiom is a finger-pointing literary device that these folks simply detest. They just feel it to be out of line, right?

Well, for others, that is; take a look at this. In what they describe as...

Picture 3-72

...the Article 8/Mass Resistance folks link to a lengthy article from the orthodox Catholic news source The New Oxford Review, in which writer Randall G. Lee takes considerable liberties in using a gay bookstore he used to visit in Austin, TX as a metaphor for the entire gay rights movement and homosexual "lifestyle" (a movement Lee calls "rotten to the core" and a life he refers to as "the homosexual insane asylum"). Lee tells of his own time as a homosexual and how he once sought the guidance of John McNeill, the author of The Church and the Homosexual who in 1988 was expelled from the Jesuits for refusing to stop preaching that homosexuality can be practiced in accordance with church teachings. Though once encouraged by McNeill's work, Lee concludes of his writings:

Picture 4-53

WAIT -- what, what, what? How dare they praise an article that claims "blood" is on the hands of one of our guys?!? We're gonna...what I mean is...heads are gonna...someone's gonna pay...AAAHH!

Actually, we're not the least but offended, as Mr. Lee's article is a ridiculously harsh, propagandistic, mean-sprited, stereotypical view of a homosexual life that is simply not what we, as actual homosexuals, know to be the prevailing truth. But we do wanna point out how easily these folks can jump on any little thing -- even getting WorldNetDaily to write an entire piece revolving around their reaction to said little thing -- yet not even flinch when the exact same claim is used by one of their peeps to attack us. It may seem small, but the whole idea behind it just speaks volumes.

**UPDATE: Does someone on Datalounge know Randall G. Lee (see Reply 4)?

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