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The following club is rated 'IGFAM' for 'Its gay-friendliness annoys me'

by Jeremy Hooper

   With Utah Senator Christ Buttars taking time away from the legislature to care for undisclosed health problems, the fate of his bill designed to ban gay-straight clubs in the state has become uncertain, at best, This being the case, fellow GOP senator Aaron (not Charlene) Tilton (pic.) is said to be readying his own GSA-targeting legislation, but with one little twist. Here, let's let Tilton tell you about it in his own words, as quoted by the AP:

"I will probably be more aggressive in my bill" and require parental notification of some kind," Tilton said.

The bill also "may or may not" set up a rating system, such as those for movies, that the school district could apply "so a parent would be made aware ... of the (club's) nature, that might conflict with a value they might hold."

The rating might be included in a parental permission slip, he said.

"It will restrict clubs, in my opinion, that ... don't adhere to community standards," Tilton said of the bill.

Prelimiary concepts for ratings are said to include this French Club-focused one:


this one for the Science Club:


and for Gay-Straight Alliances:

No one under age 18 permitted to be gay without being accompanied with shame and guilt.

Tilton Anti-gay-club Bill May Replace Buttars' Bill [AP via KSL.com]

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