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2/3 of Bree's household to experience same-sex lovin'?

by Jeremy Hooper

   It's being reported that Marcia Cross' "Desperate Housewives" character, Bree Van De Camp, will become involved in a lesbian relationship in a future episode. However, we hear those may just be rumors based on misunderstanding, and in actuality a female flooring specialist is simply coming to Bree's house in order to lay some red carpet. Whatever that means.

Both Kim Delaney and Kim Cattrall are said to be in the running to play Marcia's lesbian love. This once again proves our theory that Marcia prefers her life's lesbian-themed developments to be spelled K-I-M, as we all remember last year when "K, I'm Gay" starred as the announcement everyone was so prepared for Marcia to make.

Marcia Cross' 'Desperate' lady love [Life Style Extra]
'Desperate Housewives' Plans Lesbian Storyline [StarPulse news Blog]

UPDATE: Even Marcia Cross' b-day can't escape the rumors [G-A-Y]

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