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30 more seconds of 'controversy': UCC to air 'ejector' ad

by Jeremy Hooper

   The United Church of Christ, whose diversity-encouraging ads seems to always cause a bit of a stir, will begin airing a new spot on several cable networks starting April 3. Only cable, however, as the major broadcast networks have once again refused the spot as too controversial.

Maybe someday you'll hit one-digited nets, UCC; maybe someday.

Titled "Ejector seat," the new spot features various folks -- including the gay couple pictured at left -- being forcibly ousted from their pew seats due to whatever "non-traditional" characteristic they display. In addition to the boy-boy duo, other ejectees include an Arab-American, an African-American mother with a crying baby, and a person using a walker. Begging the question: "Where's the pierced, purple-haired, skeptical agnostic who refuses to accept whatever she's told? Maybe she'll make the sequel?"

If you'd like to view the new spot or any of the past pieces, they can be gawked at here. Though we must warn you: Your usual pew is gonna seem so underwhelming from here on out. Why don't all pews do some sort of motion simulator something? Like maybe at certain moments they could all tilt forward, forcing the congregation to hold on for dear life; at other, more hopeful moments they could tilt to the heavens. I once rode this "Honey, I Shrunk the Audience" thing at Disney World that was wicked cool -- it was all in 3D and they had these fake rats that came out of the screen and it felt like they were scurrying at your feet. Maybe something like that, though instead of rats it could be like flood waters rising in a Noah's Ark simulator? Just a thought.

Go watch the spot.

Still Speaking [UCC]

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