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A tale of two 'Live Out Loud's

by Jeremy Hooper

   Here in NYC, there exists a wonderful little gay-centric group called Live Out Loud. With a self-described goal to "empower, energize and enable Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Youth to live the life of their dreams through the celebration of the richness and diversity of our shared experience, the visibility of role models and the dissemination of information," this organization provides resources, scholarship opportunities, and a place for LGBT youth to turn, should they need assistance.

   This summer in Marion, Indiana, there will exist an "ex-gay"-centric conference called Live Out Loud. With a director who describes his adversaries by saying "Satan will stop at nothing to silence us from sharing God’s truth," this event provides attendees and their loved ones with a cleverly devised campaign of deception, whose so-called "reparative therapy" has been discredited and even condemned by every major medical and mental health organization in the United States.

Which LOL you choose to embrace is, of course, up to you; unlike the "ex-gay" convention's head honcho, however, we'll never paint you as Satanic if you make the misguided choice to embrace their baseless, CONDEMNED work. We'll merely wish you well and await your return to the sort of truth that doesn't need a week-long festivity in order to make it seem authentic.

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