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'Gay Oscars' - the faggy morning after

by Jeremy Hooper

   So in the month's leading up to last night's soiree, everyone was talking about these Oscars as if they were the awards show equivalent of Elton John in drag wearing a rainbow flag tutu while dancing to "It's Raining Men" on the back of a Pride Parade float in the middle of the Castro. In actuality, however, they ended up just like most other awards shows, with maybe a heightened ability to coordinate their shoes with their belts. Let's look at the queer-centric stats:

Our Brokeback boys picked up three of the Golden dudes, including Best Director for Ang Lee, Best Original Score for Gustavo Santaolalla, and Best Adapted Screenplay for Larry McMurty and Diana Ossana. Sorta surprisingly, the flick lost out to Crash for Best Picture. This of course means that the agenda to eliminate racism is still stronger than the one seeking to put the kibosh on homophobia, though the 'mosexuals are gaining ground. Here's hoping that next year's planned anti-segregation, gay-themed period piece, Brokeback of the Bus, will manage to combine the two struggles into one highly decorated masterpiece of political cinema. Here's also hoping that this is the last 'B'back' play on words we ever make.

In other gay-centric highlights, Philip Seymour Hoffman earned the statue for his portrayal of openly gay writer Truman Capote, and Rachel Weisz won Best Supporting Actress for the gay-inclusive film The Constant Gardener. Both are also said to know a few gay people, so that's cool too.

Next stop the GLAAD Media Awards; we're simply on the edge of our seats waiting to see if the gays can pick up some honors there. Fingers crossed.

***Special thanks to the folks at "In The Life" (in this scribe's humble opinion, the best LGBT show on TV) for throwing a delightful little Oscar bash last night in NYC. Between comedian Judy Gold's witticisms, the celebratory crowd, and the Stoli TransAmericas," this East Coaster's night was rendered as festive as a fountain of free french fries at a fat camp. Thanks ITL.

GLAAD Applauds Oscar Wins for Brokeback Mountain, Capote [GLAAD Release]

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