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Liberty Counsel: Gays intolerant for not supporting attempts to brainwash them

by Jeremy Hooper

Responding to the decision by a Wisconsin high school to cancel their "Diversity Day" over demands that they include an "ex-gay" speaker, the Liberty Counsel's Rena Lindevaldsen had the following comments for Agape Press:

Liberty Counsel attorney Rena Lindevaldsen says the school's actions are "just one more example of those who say they're promoting tolerance [being] the first ones to discriminate against the true message getting out about homosexuality, which is that people can change and you're not born gay."

Frequently across the United States, Lindevaldsen contends, school officials and others will respond to those who disagree with the pro-homosexual stance on sexual orientation issues by censoring the opposing message. "When the request is made to include the ex-gay perspective, they will shut down the forum, shut down the program, rather than allow students to hear that people are not born gay," she says.

Hey Rena: you know what else wouldn't be allowed? A speaker that encouraged right-handed folks to change to left-handed, or blue eyed kids to magically become hazel-irised. You know why? Because just like your bold assertion that gays can change their sexuality, the aforementioned metamorphoses are concepts unsupported by every major medical or mental health organization in the United States, not to mention easily refuted by common sense.

Now, you guys are INCREDIBLY clever in the way you've positioned "ex-gay" as if it is a valid minority sect; we'll give you that. Since the "ex-gay" movement's formative days in 1973, you all have worked diligently on this falsely compassionate campaign of duplicity, knowing that with acceptance of the notion would come a way for folks to condemn homosexuals and not look mean-spirited. You all know full well that if you present the illusion that one can change, you can rope in countless parents who are, for whatever reason, unaccepting of their gay children, as well as homosexuals who may have faced discrimination in their own lives. Most will not analyze your crafty movement the way those of us in the "gay activism" world do, because frankly, who has the time or interest? You're religious people -- why would you lie? So folks believe your snake oil to a magic elixir, and swallow it up.

But Ms. Lindevaldsen, we're on to the charade. Many of us. You will never achieve in positioning "former homosexual" as a worthwhile movement. While the folks who have been convinced to take part in your programs certainly are not to blame and are deserving of respect, to let your BIZARRE attempts go unchallenged would be damaging to our and future generations of homosexuals' well-beings. It is a cleverly designed operation of fairly extreme bias and it deserves to be called out for the dangerously deceptive practice that it is. So that's what we're doing.

That isn't us being intolerant; that is us loving ourselves enough to take a stand against one of tolerance's most stealth adversaries.

Attorney: Cancelled 'Diversity Day' Shows School's Intolerance for Truth [Agape]

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