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Minn: Rally caps come into fashion

by Jeremy Hooper

    Not to be outdone by an anti-gay marriage rally held at the state Captiol earlier this week, Minnesota's fans of same-sex nups held their own pro-gay marriage soiree today at the same St. Paul location. Causing the ghost of the building to exclaim, "Oh..again? Uhm, okay, well you guys aren't gonna say 'one man, one woman' and 'sanctity of marriage' repeatedly are you? For the afterlife of me, I can't take that again. I swear, I've been haunting these halls for 300 years, and I don't think I've ever found a crew so enamored with their own innate attraction to the opposite gender. It was like, 'right, okay, we get it -- your relationships are more conducive to reproduction; BFD. That doesn't mean they're the only ones acceptable.' It was just scary. And remember -- I'm a ghost; I know from scary. Yea, so hopefully you guys will be less exasperating in your chants. Oh, and BOO!"

Such a liberal apparition, he.

Next up for the Minn. Capitol: Those who find matrimony of any variety to be boring and unnecessary will burn cake toppers in effigy; keep an eye out for that.

Gay rights supporters pray at Capitol [AP via KARE11.com]

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