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Rabbi links bird flu to gays; we suggest phonetic link between rabbis and rabies

by Jeremy Hooper

A Kabbalah preacher in Israel, Rabbi David Basri (who in the past has referred to gays a "subhuman" and said they would be reincarnated as "rabbits."), is attributing a local outbreak of avian flu to local politicians' calls for the legalization of gay marriage. Basri's son quotes the rabbi as saying the nation's deadly bird flu outbreak stemmed from far-left political parties "strengthening and encouraging homosexuality."


   As far as the gays' most noted Kabbalist -- she so far has only said of birds: "Love is a bird, she needs to fly/ Let all the hurt inside of you die/ You're frozen/ When your heart's not open/ Mmmmmm, if I could melt your heart/ Mmmmmm, we'd never be apart."


No word on whether the gays are also responsible for Mad Cow disease, Charley Horses, Cat Scratch Fever, "butterflies in the stomach," "frogs in the throat," or folks who get "sick as a dog" from "eating like a pig;" we'll keep you posted once we learn exactly how we caused those animalistic ailments.


Bird flu God's wrath: rabbi [News.com.au]

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