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Sheldon on crippling congeniality of anti-gay activism

by Jeremy Hooper

According to CNSNews.com, during day one of the two-day "The War on Christians and the Value Voters in 2006" conference yesterday in D.C., Traditional Values Coalition founder Louis Sheldon...

...stated that the "gay agenda" would come to a quick end if Americans rose up in numbers against it.

However, "Christians are nice guys, and nice guys finish last," he added.

Hmmm...yes, a true Christian (gay or straight) absolutely embraces peace, love, and a genial demeanor. But do TVC and Mr. Sheldon display these qualities? Let's look.

From TVC's website:

 Good As You Images Tvcjunk

Sheldon responding to the American Psychiatric Association's endorsement of same-sex marriage:

"What about our mental health? Do the majority of Americans who think homosexuality is abnormal have to bow to the wishes of a small fraction of the population who engage in sodomy? Must the institution of marriage be redefined to cater to the sexual desires of these troubled individuals? I think not."

Sheldon responding to the launch of gay-themed television networks:

"Sexually confused children will be the prime victims of these homosexual cable channels. The cable networks will have much to answer for when we begin to see more and more children being seduced into a homosexual lifestyle. Here we have major communications companies helping launch cable networks dedicated to the promotion of anal intercourse as an alternative lifestyle. Why?

Sheldon's assessment of the situation between gay and anti-gay activists:

The battle can be won, but only if we work together to push back the darkness of ignorance, apathy and compromise.

Sheldon on gay culture:

"...once you enter into the culture, into the music, into the gay bars, into the gay literature, into the gay theater, and all of that kind of -- and gay travel -- once you immerse yourself into that, you have really put yourself into a groove that only a sort of an exorcism can release you from."

His daughter Andrea's response to Brokeback:

Hollywood screen writers and producers apparently think that it’s their duty to teach middle America that homosexual conduct and cross-dressing are normal behaviors that should be affirmed in our culture. They’re wrong, and we will never accept the belief that same-sex relationships or transvestism are simply normal variations of human sexuality. These behaviors reveal deep-seated psychological problems that should be treated not affirmed."

Sheldon on "homosexual agenda":

Americans should understand that their attitudes about homosexuality have been deliberately and deceitfully changed by a masterful propaganda/marketing campaign that rivals that of Adolph Hitler. In fact, many of the strategies used by homosexuals to bring about cultural change in America are taken from Hitler’s writings and propaganda welfare manuals.

Yea, that's it Lou -- it's your extremely affable demeanor and all-around niceness that's hurting your cause. It's those of us who defend what we know to be our internal truth that are in the wrong. Never a more accurate assessment has there ever been made. How could we have been so blind to the compassion that oozes out of TVC's every action? We have been fools.

Be sure to look for future Sheldon statements, wherein we hear he'll reason why a child who casts stones is a much more charming tot than the kid who begs the pounding to "stop, it really hurts -- I didn't do anything to you."

Religious Conservatives Slam 'Gay Agenda,' ACLU [CNSNews]

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