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'WorldNet' on perceived ill noise of IL activists

by Jeremy Hooper

   In what is essentially political activism disguised as as a "news story," our buddies at WorldNetDaily are decrying the link that some gay activists have allegedly made between Illinois Republican gubernatorial hopeful Jim Oberweis (pic.) and history's human embodiment of societal ills, Adolph Hitler. WND claims that Chicago's Gay Liberation Network recently made the comparison in reference to Mr. Oberweis' support for a statewide push to ban gay marriage, as well as his desire to repeal recent changes to the Illinois Human Rights Act that protect the GLBT community against discrimination. Gee, we simply can't imagine why that would piss off the gays?

To expound on the matter, the WND folks then provide a platform for Illinois 'mo foe Peter LaBarbera to try and paint the alleged Hitler connection as exemplary of the animosity within the gay community:

LaBarbara [sic], citing an e-mail sent to his Illinois Family Institute which threatened to "burn every one of your f---ing churches down," decried the "pattern of ugly attacks against people of faith merely for disagreeing with the homosexual movement."

LaBarbera then adds:

"Homosexual activist groups like GLN and Rick Garcia's Equality Illinois call Jim Oberweis a 'bigot' merely for supporting the Protect Marriage Illinois," said LaBarbera. "What is hateful about giving Illinois voters a chance to cast a vote for marriage as one- man, one-woman this November?"

Now, we don't for a second agree with or support the church-burning statements LaBarbara alleges were made in the gay activist's email. That being said, the idea that those who dedicate a larger portion of their lives to thwarting homosexual equality at every single turn are just "people of faith...disagreeing with the homosexual movement," is a notion unfair to both the "homosexual movement" and true "people of faith." It's not like these guys are opposing social security reform -- they are opposing the core of our beings. They are opposing our partnerships. They are opposing our ability to operate in this world without bias. For us, this is not a two-sided political issue to simply be discussed and debated on the Sunday morning chat shows; these are our lives. So while a Hitler juxtaposition and a threat of violence can certainly be perceived as out of line, the attempts to paint this as a "we'll just agree to disagree"-style debate are INFURIATING.

Opposing the rhetoric of Mr. Oberweis, Mr. LaBarbera, and the ilk, is simply what the homosexual community must do. We'll leave it to the history books to decide who's remembered as cruel.

Candidate called 'Hitler' for opposing 'gay' marriage [WND]


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So wait -- It's totally okay for WorldNet VP (Kupelian) to write an ENTIRE BOOK called the Marketing of Evil (the evil being, in part, gay rights), yet they jump all over one homosexual activist group comparing one candidate's political stance to that of the human embodiment of evil (Hitler)? Guess if you just use a blanket term of 'evil' to describe an entire community, it's not as bad.

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