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Apparently bored with just altering the meaning of "defense," MN group turns editing skills to Sen. photos

by Jeremy Hooper

 Minnesotans in Defense of Marriage, a Gopher State group that apparently thinks "defense" is a synonym for "support of the homo-excluding state," has released a series of newspaper ads that feature images of Senators who voted against a proposed constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage. However, they didn't use just any images of the lawmakers, but rather doctored photos (pic., from top: Sen. Don Betzold, Sen. Satveer Chaudhary, and Sen. John Marty) implying that those who voted against the gay marriage ban are "thumbing their noses" at Minnesota citizens.


Though it would seem to us that they totally missed the boat, as by altering the photos so that the Senators' thumbs on one of their hands were in their noses, index fingers pointed out, while their other hands were demonstrating a cranking motion, the "booger gun" represented would've much more effectively, childishly implied legislative misconduct. Or perhaps the "booger catapult," which would've only required one index finger strategically placed in the nostril. Either would've been so much more interesting than the thumbing of the nose, which just seems so pedestrian. But we digress.

In the ads, the Minnesota marriage "defenders" encourage citizens to oust those who voted against the ban when they go to the polls this November. They then rhetorically ask in the ads' conclusions:

How will you answer your children or grandchildren when they one day ask, “What did you do in the battle to protect marriage and the family?

To which we rhetorically answer: "Well, Ping Pang -- we started an online, irreverent source of information designed to battle the attempts that were being made to prevent daddy and daddy from legally sealing their love and later adopting you. But sweetie -- it was never a battle and neither marriage or family actually needed "protecting." Those were just code words they used to make their push for inequality seem less disturbing. You know how when we need to use the restroom we say we need to 'make sissy?' Well, it's kind of like that."

Doctored photos used in fight against gay marriage [AP via NY Blade]

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