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Cinematic orifice penetration leads to corrections officer penalization

by Jeremy Hooper

An unnamed Massachusetts prison officer is facing punishment for last week showing Brokeback Mountain to inmates at MCI-Norfolk medium security prison. However, the AP quotes Dept. of Correction Spokesman Diane Wiffin as saying of the film's inappropriateness, "I want to make it clear, it wasn't the subject matter - it was the graphic nature of the sexually explicit scenes."

A statement to which countless gay men responded, "GRAPHIC?!? I adjusted my brightness and contrast for three hours Saturday night and still couldn't so much as see a butt cheek."

There's no word yet on what punishment the officer will receive for showing the flick. We sincerely hope his next utterance of the famous "I wish I knew how to quit you" line will not be in reference to his weekly chore of standing on an unemployment one.

Prison Officer Disciplined For Showing Gay Cowboy Film [AP via BostonChannel.com]

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