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Focus on the copyediting

by Jeremy Hooper

And now, from Focus on the Family's review of Lucky Number Slevin, a mention of the film's gay content:


And now, from Good As You, edits to make their forthcoming mentions of another's derogatory comments less hypocritical (not to mention, less verbose):


After all, it would seem that the implication that homosexuality is a "lifestyle" and a "preference" would begat the kind of character who might utilize "fairy" as a disparaging descriptor. What's that saying -- those who live in houses that, while seemingly compassionate, in actuality create a hostile environment for gay folks via their actions, words, and rhetoric shouldn't throw stones?

Come on FOF, you can do it: Gay. One word. Gay. Even homosexual's fine. No lifestyle. No preference. It's just what they are. Gay. You can do it. Gay. Baby steps. G-A-Y.

By the time Brokeback II: Electric Bugaloo rolls around, we don't wanna be seeing any of that "lifestyle" silliness marring your critique.

Lucky Number Slevin [FOF/ Plugged In Online]
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The AP Stylebook's on our side: GLAAD

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