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Krafty shareholder asks company to pull gay support; we request fat-free Oreo

by Jeremy Hooper

   Pam's House Blend has found, via Freeperland, a document filed with the Securities and Exchange commission by Kraft stockholder Marcella V. Meyer, in which Ms. Meyer encourages the food giant to pull their support for this summer's Gay Games, as well as "any other future activities supporting, proselytizing, promoting or encouraging homosexual activity or life style." Which certainly wouldn't bode well for the company's forthcoming Homo-berry Sparkle Kool-Aid or special edition, pro-leather daddy dessert topping, tentatively titled "Cool, whips!"

Happily, however, it looks as if Kraft is ignoring Ms. Meyers' unsweetened fruit punch, with the company's board recommending a vote against her proposal. It remains to be seen how Meyers will react, though we hear she will next try and stop the company's promotion of the "misspelling craft lifestyle," going after its "pro-K" agenda.

Homobigot Kraft stockholder tries to bully company on Gay Games support [Pam's House Blend]

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