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Mass anti-gays protecting virile masculinity of ballet

by Jeremy Hooper

   It may have won Tony Awards for Best Director and Choreographer, as well as an Olivier Award (London's equivalent of the Tony) for "Best New Dance Production," but the Massachusetts 'mo foes at the Mass Resistance aren't buying into the touring production of Matthew Bourne's Swan Lake (which yesterday finished a brief run in Boston). In an email to their followers, Mass Resistance is decrying the Boston Globe's decision to "seriously review" the critically acclaimed dance show, saying in their missive:

Yes, that's right. A Boston Globe review in the "theatre" section about a production of "Swan Lake" with bare-chested men in tutu-like costumes dancing all the female parts. Of course, "Bay Windows" [a local gay magazine] thought it was wonderfully progressive, but we didn't think the Globe would go that far. Unfortunately, we've been wrong a lot on those assumptions lately. This is a serious article, as if this were actually culture - instead of what it really is.

As we've observed, a powerful propaganda technique is to portray something that's completely absurd and depraved as if it were completely normal. The more the contrast between portrayal and reality, the more effectively it plays tricks on the mind. It's getting so you can't even have your kids read the paper anymore.

Yea, that's right -- we're now pushing our radical homo agenda through BALLET THEATRE. I'll be damned if they didn't find us out YET AGAIN. And that silly Boston Globe -- why didn't they just say "Queens in tutus -- no thank you" and call it a day? Damn liberal media bias!

Be sure to look for future Mass Resistance missives, when rumor has it they'll next go after a local production of La Cage aux Folles for being just a tinge too fruity; Wicked for having a "pro-green" vibe; and Cats for its gratuitous display of pussies.

Media propaganda: Globe seriously reviews "transgender" production of "Swan Lake" featuring men in tutus [Mass Resistance/ Article 8]

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