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OK Senate shelves book-segregating bill

by Jeremy Hooper

In a blow to the concept of legislating morality, the Oklahoma Senate has decided against hearing a bill that would've forced state libraries to segregate homo-themed children and young adult books to a special section or lose their funding. The almost unbelievable measure unbelievably passed in the House last month, but the Senate's non-action on the legislation effectively puts the book-moving concept to pasture for now.

So unpack you bags, "Heather" and her "Two Mommies". Stay put, "King & King." For now, your encouragement of respect for homosexual families will not get you guys ripped from your homes and forced to a separate, kid-less neighborhood. And that, fictional friends, is a victory we absolutely cannot believe we are still celebrating in 2006.

Oklahoma Senate Won’t Defund Inclusive Kids’ Collections [American Libraries Online]

EARLIER: OK house tells kids of gays their house is not okay [3/16]
OK lawmaker sponsoring not okay legi-ghettoisation [3/09]

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