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Oh brother: Jeb gettin' behind marriage amendment

by Jeremy Hooper

   Jeb Bush -- Florida's governor, the President's brother, and to this writer's knowledge, the only politician named "Jeb" -- says that despite his earlier pronouncements that a state constitutional gay marriage ban is unnecessary, recent court decisions overturning other state's marriage laws have led him to now support such an amendment. And because his DNA finally kicked in.

Bush made his announcement at a fundraiser for the Florida Family Policy Council, a conservative group hellbent on foisting a marriage-banning amendment on the Sunshine State. And you know what they say -- when in Rome, announce your support for taking a metaphorical felt tip pen and leaving a massive, discriminatory black mark on history, which will effectively sully the legacies of both the state and your own gubernatorial leadership. Or something like that.

Bush tilts toward gay-marriage ban [Orlando Sentinel]

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