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Anti-gays: You're supposed to take the books OUT of the library before you offensively burn them; DUH!

by Jeremy Hooper

On Tuesday, around 100 books at Chicago's John Merlo Branch Library, most of them in the building's extensive gay and lesbian collection, were burned by an arsonist(s).

We hear authorities are looking for a person(s) with a lighter in their pocket, hate in their heart, and true desires in their closet.

We kid ya, lil' anti-gay vandal. You're not necessarily gay; you could be bi.

Okay, okay, you may just be a straight person who doesn't care for gay folks. But you DEFINITELY have dressed up in your opposite sex parent's clothing. Yea, we saw that, lil' pyro!

Vandals set fire to gay books in library [Chicago Tribune]

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