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Bravo! More options coming to Logo

by Jeremy Hooper

   The folks at the Logo network have announced plans for a few new original series, including:

-- "The Service," a one-hour drama that looks at the lives of enlisted LGBT men and women at a military base, where they covertly combat rising persecution under new commanders.

-- "Sordid Lives: The Series,"
a half-hour comedy that follows an eccentric Texas family whose intertwining off-kilter lives ultimately lead to the death of the family matriarch.

-- "That Gay Ghost,"
a half-hour sitcom pilot that centers on the members of a conservative family whose lives are changed when they discover that a gay ghost named Cosmo is living in the closet of their new home.

Or, as those who most need to watch such shows refer to them, "three more programs we'll never see."

Well, we may be part of the choir, but we're certainly glad to see some new preaching, Logo. And yes, we are blatantly kissing your ass.

Logo cable channel turns to gay ghosts, soldiers [Hollywood Reporter/Reuters via Yahoo! News]

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