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Catholic League on why gay teacher was fired (hint: his FABULOUSNESS not the problem)

by Jeremy Hooper

Defending a Catholic School's recent firing of gay teacher Jeff Crouse fo posting that he was gay on his Myspace page, the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights' Kiera McCaffrey tells Agape Press:

"The church teaches that any sexual activity outside of marriage, which, of course, can only be heterosexual, is wrong," she points out, "so it would be the same if a straight person were posting [on the Internet], looking for -- not dates, because that would be fine -- but looking for sexual situations, that sort of thing."

Except for one thing -- nowhere on his profile does he mention sex. In fact, in the "Here for:" section of his profile, he only says he's looking for "Networking, Dating, Serious Relationships, Friends." So while it's understood that the Catholic Church is not supportive of gay people, it's completely unfair of Ms. McCaffrey to say he was looking for "sexual situations," when Mr. Crouse never indicated such. He could be 100% celibate for all she knows and just looking for companionship.

She later adds:

"A married person looking for an extramarital affair would be the same sort of situation,"

And again -- no it wouldn't, and how dare she suggest such a thing. Even if he was looking for a sexual relationship, IT WOULD NOT be the same thing. But as mentioned, he doesn't even say he's looking for sex. Again -- completely disingenous of Ms. McCaffrey. Affronting your spouse by sleeping around behind their back is far from the same thing as seeking companionship with one special same-sex partner on a web site. In fact, even many religious conservatives will tell you that "Adultery is both a religious and a moral sin because it involves breaking the holy covenant of marriage, as well as deceiving one's spouse," whereas they view homosexuality as only "religious sin." We have a problem with even the latter claim, but we can clearly see how even the strictest of Biblical literalists would categorize infidelity as a much harsher offense.

She continues:

While she admits that "everybody makes mistakes," McCaffrey insists that "there's a big difference between slipping up once in a while and putting a posting on the Internet looking for homosexual dates. I mean, this is something the students are going to see."

So now she admits it -- it's merely homosexual dates that were the problem. But he didn't slip up, Ms. McCaffrey. His slip-up would be if he denied his truth and took up with a woman in a loveless situation, a scenario that would likely end in pain and heartbreak for both parties. He is a homosexual; stop acting like you can pray that truth away!

Seriously, why would she even try to defend the firing -- we never even questioned WHY they fired the guy; we questioned HOW they could be so blind to the reality of homosexuality and hold firm to such discriminatory positions. Bottom line is that if you're a homosexual, you're totally out of luck with living your normalcy within the confines of the Church. Why don't they just say that and call it an anti-gay day?

Catholic League: Homosexual High School Teacher Was Rightly Fired [Agape]

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