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Concerned Woman's verbal diarrhea gets just a lil' more unsavory

by Jeremy Hooper

   Responding to this week's press conference wherein Wayne Besen launched his new "ex-gay"-challenging group, Truth Wins Out, the Concerned Women for America's Robert Knight has released not one but two different audio rebuttals attempting to combat the words presented. Here now, just a few of the lowlights.

Of the experts Wayne presented at his conference:

"...and he had one doctor who basically said the research and all medical professional groups agree that you can't change anyone's sexual orientation, which of course is not true. He conveniently left out the National association of Research and Therapy of Homosexuality (NARTH) who has many MDs and psychologists on its roster who believe , and have seen, people change."

Wait a second -- the group whose positions you present as if they discredit every other medical and mental health organization in the country is a group whose SOLE purpose is to promote the "ex-gay" myth? That would be like us promoting the artistic merits of "The L Word" by saying, "Well GLAAD thinks it a good show!" You can't give the finger to the position statements of the American Psychological Association, American Psychiatric Assocation, American Counseling Association, American Medical Association, American Academy of Pediatrics, and many others by pointing to ONE GROUP, NARTH, that works day and night to support the rhetoric you spout. It's the biased leading the biased! Discredit our "we were born gay" opinion all you want;, but you'll never hear us using HRC's similar assertion as justification. Our own internal truth, biology, scientific prowess, and common sense are enough of a guide.

Moving on, Knight says of the group Wayne presented (including sever ex-"ex-gays", a PFLAG mom, a doctor, etc):

"You know, I have know doubt that the people he assembled here believe what they say, and they are people of strong convictions. But I also think they are in the grip of something very wrong, and they have allowed it to influence them to make some very bad decisions in life that may come back to haunt them. When Wayne says that the "ex-gay" ministries are telling them they will be unable to have a good life with a partner, he's using an interesting phrasing. If you choose the gay lifestyle you are not going to have a real married life and family. For sure. Same-sex couples don't produce children. You can never enjoy the complimentary of the male/female relationship. So when the "ex-gay" ministries tell people that if they give in to these temptations they won't be able to achieve a far greater happiness with an opposite sex partner, that's absolutely true. They also give them the truth of the Scripture, which is that people who are unrepentant homosexuals, like any unrepentant sinner who rejects the teachings of God and specifically the salvation provided by Jesus Christ, will go to Hell. The ex-gay ministries do not single out homosexuals. They give the Gospel. They tell you that whatever your sin is, whatever your temptation, whether it's greed, whether it's pornography addiction, whether it's adultery, YOU'RE GOING TO GO TO HELL if you don't fall on your knees, ask for forgiveness from God and allow Jesus to take all that sin for you."

Uhm, yea..Hey there Mr. Knight. We were just sitting here listening to your words when this big ass stone came flying out of our computer, which was marked: "He who is without sin." We don't want to accuse you of casting this stone, as we would never be so bold. It would surprise us if YOU, an apparent Biblical literalist, would make such a judgement and pelt us with such an assault; however, it does seem like a bit of a coincidence. But you know what -- rather than cast it back, we will instead take the high road and pray that in the future, you will change your ways.

So tired of having to school him in morality!

To point out all of the deceit and misconstructions in Knight's attempt to paint Wayne's words themselves as deceit and misconstructions, would take the entire day. He quotes the flawed Robert Spitzer study that his team so loves to tout, he paints an ex-"ex-gay" man as if he would've been better off living in a deceitful man/woman marriage, and spouts every talking point on the "ex-gay" memo. So for your own analysis you can listen to the entire 28 minutes of audio yourself.

Summing up the conference, Knight says:

"I hope what good comes out of this press conference is that people who are struggling with homosexuality realize that there is an option out there. And the fact that activists like Wayne Besen are attacking it with this much virulence tells you that they fear that that idea will get out and it will lead to people seeking counseling to overcome their unwanted desires."

Yea, you keep telling yourself that, Robert. But those of us who are gay know exactly why we attack your movement -- it's dangerous, wrong, misguided, damaging, and a steaming crock of giraffe poo. You have NO credible group on your side (and don't you dare say NARTH), you have LOADS of ex-"ex-gays" speaking out against you, you have NOT ONE person pushing your movement who is not also a Christian conservative who supports anti-gay legislation. You are part of a well-planned and organized construct that has created layers upon layers of support for this false notion. NARTH, PFOX, all of the conferences, the same handful of recycled speakers that are trotted out as the face of the movement -- it's nothing but a bizarre dog and pony show.

We challenge you guys because you are challenging reality with the ferocity of an insane tiger. We don't fear your version of the "truth" gaining widespread acceptance; we fear the consequences your rhetoric will have for our young gay friends whose parents have bought into your lie. We fear that the next whacked-out stratagem you invoke to essentially try and eliminate us from society will be even more frighteningly misguided. We fear the lack of intellect you guys show in your steadfast refusal to see what is so obvious. We know that deep down you MUST KNOW BETTER; you are not dumb people! Stop and listen to the MILLIONS of gay people who truly know what it means to be gay!

Mr. Knight the "ex-gay" movement is despicable. We hope you'll someday realize this, but your words and actions lead us to fear otherwise.

Group Launched to Attack the Ex-Gay Movement [CWA]

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