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Dear Abby: Can taking a little off the top stop my boy from becoming one?

by Jeremy Hooper

From this week's "Dear Abby" advice column:

DEAR ABBY: I have reason to believe that a young man in my family may be gay. (He is 15.) I have been thinking a lot about it lately, and have been wondering if circumcision would cure it. What do you think? -- Grandmother in Missouri

Dear Missouri Grandmother: Homosexuality is not an illness, and therefore there is no need for a "cure." I predict that your family will be happier if you accept your relative exactly the way he is, love him, support him and stop trying to think of ways to cure him.

Not to mention, most gays LOVE a cut one!

Hey, Granny "Show Me State": Cut the bias, not the penis.

DEAR ABBY: No way (or need) to 'cure' gay boy [Contra Consta Times]

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