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He had no choice: Besen to launch 'ex-gay'-combatting group

by Jeremy Hooper

   Wayne Besen (pic.), master "ex-gay" challenger and author of the book Anything But Straight: Unmasking the Scandals and Lies behind the Ex-gay Myth, has announced that he'll launch Truth Wins Out, a new national organization designed "to combat so-called 'ex-gay' efforts and larger Right-wing misinformation campaigns." Besen's announcement is scheduled for Wednesday, though rumor has it that the right wing will attempt to get the day changed, as they continue to wholly combat the gays' access to days of "Wed."

T.W.O's name is obviously a play on words of Focus on the Family's Love Won Out conferences of "ex-gay" propaganda, and the mission is obviously to highlight the fact that the "ex-gay" movement is rejected by virtually the entire gay community, medical and mental health associations, and pure common sense. Less obvious, however -- I'm currently wearing no pants, and I enjoy the gentle breeze caressing my inner thigh. It feels nice and....wait, where was I? Oh yea...

Besen will launch his group with a press conference at the National Press Club, which will feature "dramatic personal stories of victims of 'ex-gay' programs, and insights into how ex-gay theories are woven into nearly all efforts opposed to equality for gay and lesbian Americans." Not to be outdone, we hear the "ex-gays" will spend the day trying to convince folks that the reality of Besen's group is actually a choice, and that through faith, therapy, and beating the hell out of pillows while cursing their mothers, they can turn T.W.O into ONE SEX-LESS, DEPRESSED SHELL OF AN ORGANIZATION.

For more on Wayne and his new venture, see below:


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