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Hoofin' it for equality: New Yorkers to march for 'mo marriage

by Jeremy Hooper

   The good folks at Marriage Equality New York will hold a "Wedding March" tomorrow in NYC, wherein LGBT folks, friends, family, and allies will march across the Brooklyn Bridge to show support for marriage equality.

Cardio and activism, all in one.

Lazy but marriage-craving, we plan to just take the subway across; however, we will encourage the conductor, the homeless person who asks for us money, the large guy who takes up far too much of the seat next to us, the Asian lady who sells batteries, and all others aboard to join our nuptials-seeking team. Though we won't be asking the always-present, bitchy-looking lady who keeps both a scowl and her purse firmly secured to her tightly wound self -- she frightens us.

Those wishing to join the troops in strutting for matrimony can meet in Brooklyn's Cadman Plaza tomorrow at 11AM. We'll meet you at the subsequent festival in Manhattan's Battery Park, where we'll look at you, shake our head, and oh-so-annoyingly ask, "What took you guys so long, slowpokes?" Don't hit us.

The Wedding March [MENY]

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