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MI activist says Stabenow/McCain deserve condemnation; misunderstanding, we ask if their nation should be 'Trojan or Durex?'

by Jeremy Hooper

     Of GOP Senator John McCain and Dem Sen. Debbie Stabenow, both of whom voted last week against the so-called Marriage Protection Amendment, Gary Glenn of the Campaign for Michigan Families says to Agape Press:

"Both should be equally condemned for standing instead with homosexual activist groups and left-wing judges who want to overturn the people's vote in order to radically redefine marriage"

And in case your confused, the John McCain that Glenn is condemning is the same one who is CO-SPONSORING A CONSTITUTIONAL MARRIAGE BAN IN HIS HOME STATE OF ARIZONA! If he's "standing...with homosexual activist groups and left-wing judges," then we're members of Focus on the Family!

As for Stabenow, Glenn and the state's GOP are basing their opposition to the freshman Senator's vote on the fact that her constituents approved a state marriage ban in '04, as if that means she should just automatically say, "F*** my legacy and my convictions on what's right and what's wrong; my state voted to ban gay marriage so I should take that queer nuptial antipathy national!" They're also going after her because they'd love for the GOP candidate, Mike Bouchard, to clench her seat this November. So they see a way to rally conservative voters, they highlight the possibly vulnerable candidate's votes of which they know the "pro-family" crowd will disagree, throw in a few fear-inspiring words, shake, bake, and serve up to their masses.

Truth is, neither Stabenow or McCain should feel one iota of shame for voting against this divisive amendment, as it is truly one of the most disturbing measures to ever pass through Washington. As mentioned, we wish McCain would've opposed the federal ban because he actually supports gay marriage, and not because he simply thinks it's a state "issue." But in terms of historical remembrance, both Senators have saved their legacies from the masses of folks who'll someday look back upon those who gave an "aye" to a federal marriage ban and shake their head in the most "How could they've done that?" of fashions.

Now Johnny, if we can just get you to come around on the state level...

Michigan Activist Urges GOP to Be Fair, Condemn McCain's MPA Vote [Agape Press]

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