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Oh, and pro-gays are also not responsible for any 'cooties' he may acquire

by Jeremy Hooper

In what is one of the biggest leaps in thought processes we've ever seen from the "pro-family" crowd, the folks at Mass Resistance and the Traditional Values Coalition, among others, are proffering the possibility that the students who recently beat up the first-grade son of David Parker -- the Massachusetts man who last year protested his child being read a gay-accepting book -- did so because they were protesting the senior Parker's anti-gay stance. This despite the fact that school officials say the children involve have admitted that the childhood skirmish was "over where students would sit in the cafeteria and then spilled onto the playground."

But of course since cafeteria seating arrangements are not a political battle in which the "pro-fams" are embroiled, they immediately assume and suggest that the students were "homosexual agenda"-indoctrinated lil' liberals who, at age 6 or 7, care more about gay marriage then about who amongst them is the bigger "poopy face." They even suggest that the fact that the incident occurred on May 17, the two-year anniversary of gay marriage legalization in Mass, is proof that the fight involved gay rights.


Now look, we think it's absolutely horrible that this kid was beaten, and we even had hesitancy in writing about it, as it puts what is surely a somewhat embarrassing incident for a first grader even more fully into the public spectrum. However, since Mr. Parker and his defenders seem to have no problem using the incident for political gain, we have no choice but to address it.

If someone on our side is beaten and the word "FAG" written on his face in permanent marker, their side will try to deny that the incident was a gay-related hate crime. However, they jump at the chance to paint a situation as an anti-"pro-family" attack without even ONE OUNCE OF EVIDENCE! Sorry, but this is not going to fly with us! It is sadly disingenuous of them to put this baseless idea out there, in hopes that some will be rallied to support their anti-gay rights stance. Not to mention that the school system's superintendent has even told the Boston Globe that the young Parker and his attacker "have since had a play date," yet they've ignored all facts like this!

The thing is, if this incident truly involved gay-friendly kids beating another because his father opposes gay rights, then we would LOUDLY speak out against it! If we saw any sort of evidence from non-gay rights opposing sources that this was the reality, then we'd be the first to cry "foul!" However, we're much more inclined to trust legitimate, school official-quoting news sources on matters such as this, leading us to believe that the true malfeasance in this situation is being dished by those who'll stop at nothing to paint us as immoral. If you ask us, the best thing Mr. Parker and his defenders could do is to try and disconnect the father's past incident from the child's present and future educational experiences, rather than presenting it as the precedent that'll define his every school day to come.

Official says father's view on gays didn't spark fight [Boston Globe]

UPDATE: 'Concerned Intern' jumps on gay rights-blaming bandwagon [G-A-Y]

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