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'Pro-fam' logic: Even though I'm combating their existence at every turn, they're the real bullies

by Jeremy Hooper

   Commenting on the outrage the gay community expressed when Macy's recently decided to give in to "pro-family" complaints and pull a pair of queer-friendly mannequins from a window display at their Boston store (a decision later rebuked by Macy's CEO Ron Klein), the Concerned Women For America's Robert Knight (pic.) says today:

"Well, in [gay activists'] mind, if you're not doing whatever they want you to do -- including promoting even the most bizarre aspects of the movement -- then you're suddenly anti-gay. I mean, they bully people this way; they're hoping to bully Macy's and other stores by saying we can be louder and more obnoxious than everybody else"

But wait a second -- the mannequins were pointedly removed BECAUSE OF "PRO-FAMILY" BULLYING!!!! Refusing to sit back and accept Macy's capitulation is not bullying; it's a community of people defending themselves against intimidators! But since you want to speak on the topic of bullying, Mr. Knight, why don't we look back on some of your past quotes and actions (details of each incident can be found by clicking date):

*June 15, 2006 -- You condemned the American Profile newspaper insert for running an advertisement for A Girl Like Me: The Gwen Araujo Story, a movie you called "a direct attack on the difference between the sexes."

June 7, 2006 -- You claimed Europe is "fast committing social suicide" in terms of marriage, and said the gay marriage stances of liberals here in America would eventually "take the United States down that path."

May 23, 2006 -- You encouraged a version of the so-called "federal marriage amendment" that would also eliminate the possibility of civil unions

*March 2, 2006 -- In a piece you called "The Gaying of American Entertainment," you asserted that by simply fighting to have gay characters, activists "want to take everything that's good and decent and twist if to their own purposes..."

March 1, 2006 -- In defending your own antipathy for homosexuals against the anti-gay stances of Fred Phelps, you said you "vociferously oppose [gay rights] at every turn," and that unlike Phelps, you don't believe God "has led his hand off this country just because some people are doing evil deeds." The "evil deeds," of course, referred to homosexuality.

*February 23, 2006 -- You called homosexual adoption a "breach in moral standards"

February 16, 2006 -- You made this quote, which pretty much speaks for itself: "... evil doesn't just happen, and evil doesn't create anything by itself. Evil is when you take something good and you pervert it slightly, sometimes so subtly people barely notice but then it becomes an instrument of something else. And what we're seeing is the homosexual movement is attempting to take everything we hold dear in society and twist it just a little bit to make it perverse and then declare that everybody's a little perverse so there's nothing really wrong, there's certainly no transcendent moral order, and it's all aimed eventually at the church."

December 30, 2005 -- You pressured Mattell to change their Barbie.com website, simply because it allowed kids to answer the "sex" field with the three options: "I am a girl," "I am a boy," or "I don't know."

*December 21, 2005 -- Of Ford's decision to advertise in gay publications, you said: "You've entered the culture war on the wrong side. This is hurting people, not helping them, and you're not being a good company. You think you are, but you're not." Now, Mr. Knight, you and your "pro-fam" allies are boycotting the company because of their gay-friendly policies.

*December 14, 2005 -- You said of Brokeback Mountain: "If it encourages even one confused boy to engage in sex with another male, that makes it an instrument of corruption, not one of enlightenment."

Mr. Knight, these incidents -- coupled with the hundreds of others we didn't document, your outspoken support for the "ex-gay" movement, and your overall refusal to accept gays as part of the spectrum of human normalcy -- would seem to provide clear testament as to who is the aggressor in this so-called "culture war." And just like the dude who used to steal this writer's lunch money never got off by saying, "No, I didn't steal it -- he just gave it to me," I won't allow you to point the browbeating finger elsewhere in this grown-up bully session either! It's very simple -- stop trying to strong-arm equality and we gay activists will gladly shut the hell up! But until that happens, we have no choice in being loud. Our lives truly depend on it.

Macy's Boston Store Window Display Sparks Homosexual Boycott [CWA]

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