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What DL, you couldn't find a way to work in 'Mein Kampf'? Amateur.

by Jeremy Hooper

On his Perspectives in Motion blog, "ex-gay" preacher DL Foster has posted a photo of Wayne Besen with a doctored Hitler mustache, in an attempt to highlight his claims that Besen is using Nazi-like tactics in his (rightful) criticism of the "ex-gay" movement:

Picture 2-114

In addition to the disgusting picture, Foster calls Wayne (who just so happens to be Jewish) "Herr Besen" throughout his commentary and refers to WB's new "ex-gay"-countering organization as "Wayne Besen's Final Solution."

Now DL, seriously dude -- comparing one's debunking of a widely criticized "movement" to history's most despicable tyrant? Did you not stop and think for just a second that that might not be the most wise/ astute/ SANE of juxtapositions for you to make? Like all the while you were Photoshopping the black ink below Wayne's nose did you not pensively pause and ask yourself, "Self, is the most non-batsh*t crazy route I can take in making my widely criticized movement look normal?" Did you get so enamored by your own "clever" concept that you threw logic right out the ol' window? 'Cause let me tell ya, DL -- we routinely tango with Westboro Baptist and the like, but this little bit o' conceptual blogging still made us stop in our tracks and question if some folks actually know WHAT the Holocaust was truly all about. This is just an exercise is dirt poor judgement, Mr. Foster.

It remains to be seen if any other "ex-gay" proponent will today refer to others who criticize their movement as dictatosr; however, we do hear that some sort of a male-centric "dic doesn't taste as good as tators" campaign might be in the works. Whatever the hell that means.

Thanks to our buddies at P1Q (who we affectionally refer to as Mussolini) for the tip and the photo. Now we'll quit Stalin and let you read DL's post for yourself, so that you can decide Hussein and who's not.

Wayne Besen's Final Solution [Perspectives in Motion]
Website compares community leader Wayne Besen to Adolph Hitler [P1Q]

***ExGayWatch (Mao Zedong) refers to Foster as "On the DL," which really made us chuckle.

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