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Camenker: Believe it or not, the people I dedicate my life to opposing get angry about that

by Jeremy Hooper

In reference to a recent Boston Globe report saying that some gays in Provincetown, MA, have been calling straight people "breeders" and lashing out against those who oppose their rights, MassResistance's Brian Camenker tells Agape Press that he's not surprised, as the gay movement is "very angered, very enraged."

And while we don't condone this ridiculous "breeders' nonsense, we do have to say: "Gee, Brian...

CAMENKER on school's teaching tolerance: "Basically these programs in Massachusetts are a complete fraud.... When you go to a kid who thinks he might be homosexual or is experimenting with this kind of behavior and say to him what you’re doing is just fine and needs to be affirmed, that is a very dangerous thing to have happen to that child. I mean, you’re essentially affirming, you know, a behavior that is medically and psychologically very, very destructive."

CAMENKER on his support for "reparative therapy," which he calls the gays' "Achilles' heel": "It must be extremely difficult. I can imagine that it is one of the most difficult things for a person to get free from--harder, I would think, than alcoholism."

CAMENKER on legalized gay unions: "We need to look at this in perspective. As depraved as some cultures have become over the last 5,000 years of human history, such as Rome at its fall and Weinmar Germany, no one has ever attempted this. This is a first. It’s something to think about."

...can't imagine where the gays' anger comes from."

Bay State Pro-Family Leader Calls Militant Homosexual Intolerance 'Typical' [Agape]

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