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Gay Games: Actual hot air less annoying than anti-gays' version

by Jeremy Hooper

   As the Gay Games got underway this weekend in Chicago and surrounding areas, the protests seemed to have been minimal and confined, although the heat wave that's rolling through this country has proven to be a formidable adversary.

Our cool down advice to those competing? Grab your schnookums and make out in front of the protesters, as the icy looks of frigid condemnation that your affection will surely illicit are guaranteed to chill you to the core.


The Games keep chugging along until July 22, and the heat wave is not expected to let up any time soon. So remember to stay hydrated athletes and attendees, just be sure to not "drink any of the Kool-Aid" that those who think you can and should "change your lifestyle" will surely be dispensing.

Games lift off with warm reception [Chicago Tribune]
Gay Games Kick Off in Chicago [Towleroad]

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