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Kindley describes gays in ways contradictory to his name's suggested sentiment

by Jeremy Hooper

   On his blog this week, the chairman of the Republican Party of Guilford County, NC, Marcus Kindley (pic), said of homosexuality:

We now say that homosexuality is ok. That it is natural. Yes it is as natural as pedophilia.
If it were natural then we wouldn’t be having a conversation about it, because there would be no procreation. It really is that simple. All the other studies and written articles are the justification for the actions of this group of individuals.

To which we reply:

No, my friend -- we wouldn't be "having a conversation about it" if biased folks with narrow world views would stop propagating offensive rhetoric, such as the linking of gayness to child molestation. You make the case that homosexuality is not "normal" because if everyone were gay "there would be no procreation?" That logic might hold up if any of us were making the claim that everyone is born gay. But that is no way our claim -- we claim that homosexuality is part of the spectrum of normalcy. Part of the human condition. Part of life's diversity. The world is technically overpopulated, which leads to a whole slew of societal problems. Since creating news kids is in no way a problem, the notion that an inability to procreate negates the normalcy of homosexuality is a baseless claim. Perhaps some are put here to bring new life into the world, while others, straight or gay, are here to make that world a nicer place.

Now, Mr Kindley, as far as your fostering of the common "pro-family" claim that studies and articles saying homosexuality is a normal part of humanity are just propaganda -- well that line of thought has just become laughable at this point. Why is that those who have dedicated their life to scientific research, psychological study, or the judiciary are always the ones with the flawed logic in you guys' eyes? You "pro-family" folks set out to prove that any research that reflects positively on homosexuality is propaganda, but you do this as part of a political strategy, which you disseminate among those who you want to rally. Mr. Kindley -- that sort of politically charged attempt to combat studied information with biased claims (
which you can only back up with your own crew of junk scientists, such as Paul Cameron) is the very DEFINITION of propaganda. Those who live in glass political strategies really shouldn't throw stones.

Violating a child is a nasty, immoral, serious crime. Homosexuality is and has always been a part of humanity. Your inhumane attempts to link the two, Mr. Kindley, are the unnatural actions with which we should all be concerned

The North Carolina Advocacy Coalition is calling on Kindley and the division of the Republican Party that he heads to apologize and retract the offensive remarks. It remains to be seen if he'll comply; however, we can't imagine he'd respond to the request, 'Kindley.'

NC County GOP head: being gay 'as natural as pedophilia' [Pam's House Blend]
Press Release: Guilford County, NC, GOP Chair compares gays to pedophiles [North Carolina Advocacy Coalition]

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