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Not satisfied with only pissing off his state's gays, Romney takes marriage antipathy South

by Jeremy Hooper

   The Boston Globe is reporting that Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney (pic.) -- a possible GOP presidential candidate who's in favor of banning his state's currently legal practice of same-sex marriage and who has backed more than a few queer-unfriendly initiatives over the past few years -- is the largest contributor to SCformarriage.org, a conservative group that's trying to constitutionally ban gay nuptials in South Carolina. Additionally, the paper says Romney will later this month send out a fundraising letter on the group's behalf, and that he'll later this year headline a marriage ban-seeking event for the group.

Hmmm...so why is a Massachusetts governor and likely presidential candidate focusing his energy on banning queer matrimony in the Palmetto State?

- Perhaps he doesn't find Charleston to be an adequate backdrop for a same-sex wedding and he's merely seeking to preserve the sanctity of homosexual couples' wedding portraits?

- Maybe he owns a vacation home in Myrtle Beach and fears that if gay marriage is legalized, all of the restaurants will be filled with gays and friends on destination weddings, which will delay his trips to the all-you-can eat crab leg buffet?

- Or he simply misunderstood his 2003 inaugural swearing in and thinks that his gubernatorial jurisdiction spans seven states to his south?

All possible, although we have a much more plausible theory: He knows that in order to earn a South Carolinian majority in forthcoming Republican primaries and presidential elections, he must first convince Palmetto State residents that none of Massachusetts' tolerant, blue state, gay-friendly cooties have rubbed off on him. And nothing says to Southern conservatives: "Hey, I find my liberals as wacky as you do," quite like throwing some cash at their campaigns to write discrimination into their state constitutions. After all, when one in making a bid to become the boss of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, they must start playing their political football matches on places other than their home fields.

A transparent strategy that will annoyingly work.

However, with or without Romney's assistance, South Carolina's marriage ban is expected to easily pass this November. Though since he did assist, we would like to thank Mitt for giving us just one more reason to make sure that he gets absolutely nowhere in November of 2008.

Romney helps push for S.C. gay marriage ban [Boston Globe]

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