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Philly group wants plaque for anti-gay endeavor; we suggest they stop brushing and flossing

by Jeremy Hooper

The almost unbelievably anti-gay folks at Repent America are up in arms because the city of Philadelphia has refused a request to commemorate with a historical marker the 2004 arrest of eleven Christians who were protesting at a gay pride festival. They say the city's refusal is biased since Philly last year honored a 1965 pro-gay rights protest with its own historical marker.

In a related story, my 110 year old great uncle is pissed because America honored Susan B. Anthony with a form of currency, yet gave nary a penny to his thoughts that she should've "stayed in the kitchen where she belongs."

Progress -- history remembers favorably.

Attempts to stem the tide of that progress? Not so much.

Philly Historical Group Accused of Pro-Homosexual Double Standard [Agape]

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