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Rabbi, schmabbi: MassResistance folks question religious leaders' careers

by Jeremy Hooper

Speaking about a booklet being distributed in Massachusetts that features religious leaders who support marriage equality, Mass Resistance's Brian Camenker and Amy Contrada this weekend shared the following exchange on their weekly radio show:

AMY CONTRADA: This week, this past week, they were handing out a very slick booklet, uhm, called "People of Faith Testimony -- Rejoicing in Marriage Equality," and it's got a bunch of supposed faith leaders, uhm, liberal, uhm...shall we say 'rabbis' Brian? [laughter] I know you have a problem calling them rabbis when they support this stuff [laughter]

BRIAN CAMENKER: I was on another radio station debating one of these [laughter] rabbis, and let me tell you, it ain't Judaism [laughter] whatever it is

CONTRADA: Well, I wouldn't call these other people exactly true to the Christian faith either that are in this booklet...

Oh, isn't that funny -- disparaging the life's work of religious leaders because they are wise and brave enough to stand up for equality. I mean, nevermind the facts that Reform Judaism is completely in support of marriage equality and that many other sects are either supportive or heading in that direction -- if Brian and Amy say these rabbis and Christian leaders really aren't, then who are we to question? Because everyone knows that the truly moral among us not only judge others, but also judge and denigrate others' faiths and teachings whenever they don't fit into the principles of their own religious molds.

And yet we're the ones who are attacking the church and religion?

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