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Rabbis blaming gays for societal ills: Round 2

by Jeremy Hooper

Remember yesterday when we told you how some rabbis were blaming gays for the violence in Israel? Remember how warm and fuzzy it made you feel inside? How warmed your heart was by the outpouring of tolerance?

No, it actually made you incredibly sad that one could think this way? Oh. Well get ready to nurse your heart again, friends, as one of those rabbis, New York's Yehuda Levin, is today expounding on those thoughts in a chat with the Concerned Women For America's Robert Knight and Martha Kleder. And while we won't transcribe the entire 16 minute and 42 second piece, we will provide you with two quotes from the chat, in which Rabbi Levin warns how we gays and the planned World Pride parade could also be endangering America.

First one, on how Arabs might react to WorldPride:

"...74% of Arab women don't say that the biggest problem is that they're second-class citizens vis a vis their husbands and they don't have equal rights, they say that the problem is the sewage of Western moral decadence coming into the Arab family life. It's just an easy skip from that into having Arabs say, 'Why is America exporting their homosexual craziness, and AIDS, and the cultural pollution of our youth to the doorway of the Middle East, the Jewish faith?' And through that you're getting Palestinian and Arab kids and youth, etc. This has ramifications that could affect the security of American people. And if I was the American Secretary of State, I would be coming to Israel this week and I would be saying, 'Listen, don't you have enough problems with outraged Arabs? Do we really need extremist Arabs or Aryan nations or anyone to be able to point to the Jewish faith as a virtual sewer conduit of all that's wrong with the American culture? Is that what we need? Is that going to encourage love or appreciation or respect for American democracy, or is that going to encourage dictatorship and terrorism, etc?"

Of course, Mr. Levin's referring to certain human beings as "sewage" is totally meant as an encouragement of love and appreciation! I mean, the only sort of sentiment that would be much more disrespectful and unloving would be if he was saying AIDS was some sort of moral punishment or something:

"If AIDS is a physical reflection of God's displeasure with this kind of biological misbehavior, then I can tell you that what's going to happen in Israel is going to similarly affect our people in negative ways, whether it will be acts of terrorism, or, or, uh, ya know, being even more unpopular in the Arab communities, or giving other extremists fodder for being anti-American, this [can] only hurt us."

::sigh:: If you want to listen to what is truly one of the most offensive 16 minutes of audio we've ever heard, then it can be found at the link below. Now if you'll excuse me, I must go detox my soul.

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