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Ruling: 'Going to the chapel' song to remain wordier for CT gay couples

by Jeremy Hooper

   Saying "Civil unions and marriage in Connecticut now share the same benefits, protections and responsibilities under law," Connecticut Judge Patty Jenkins Pittman ruled yesterday that gay couples in the state don't need marriage since they already have civil unions.

Which is kind of like when my mother used to say, "What do you need those expensive Air Jordans for when you already have those nice Payless sneakers?" But just as the latter shoes were uncomfortable and not as stylish as the hippest Nikes, civil unions are kind of like a poor man's version of marriage, the likes of which keep gay couples on unequal footing. While civil unions are admittedly better than domestic partnerships or no legal recognition at all (just as my Payless kicks were better than plastic bags tied around my feet), we've never achieved equality in society by forcing some folks to walk an alternate path. We all deserve to know the comfort, stability, and protection of a loving Air Jordan; we also deserve to slip our soles souls into a marriage that's equal in ever way to that of our 'rosexual peers.

no legal recognition of same sex couples < domestic partnerships < civil unions marriage

Not to mention -- "Just Civil Unioned" is so much more difficult to write on the back of a car.

Judge Rules Gay Couples Not Harmed By Civil Unions Law [AP via Stamford Advocate]
*Update: Case will be appealed [365Gay]

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